The glue between brain and heart.

Add a 4th dimension to your production and

get more focus to your presentation through music.

Matilda Mörk

Music made for Matilda Mörks second and latest album.

Performed by her band.

Cirkity Gravikus

Compositions made for the New Circus stage performances "By Accident"

and "What a Family"

Juli Apponen

Compositions made for Juli Apponens "Lost and Found"

Unga Folkteatern Gothenburg

Compositions made for the theatre "Sårskorpor" by Unga Folkteatern


The song "Saving Daylight" in collaboration with Egån Johansson


Music made for the trio Lyster for stage performaces.

Cello: My Hellgren

Violin: Maria Andrén

Grand Piano: Per Fenger-Krog